We provide complimentary custom pool design services to create the perfect design for your family and your yard

About Us

We stepped in to the pools in Qatar before 5 years, as a realization of the market needs. We were in this segment from the 2008’s in UAE. Customization and customer satisfaction is our specialty though we achieve our goals in a timely manner with assured quality.

Ground, or above ground we creates pools that suits the ambience and atmosphere. We can customize the pools to any shape, with water features, Jacuzzi with hydro therapy system and waterfalls. We gave a warranty of 10 years against the water leak and that makes us special among the others. All the pumps, filters and dozing system shall be imported from Europe and installed by experienced technicians, where these equipments are having a warranty of 5 years from the manufacturer.

We have a strong and cohesive work force comprising operation, technical and administrative personnel. Our swimming pool designers & technicians are well-trained and highly-skilled in their respective fields of expertise that would meet every of your needs

We provide various services like concept design, working drawings and design, excavation, construction, swimming pool waterproofing, glass mosaic tilling, filtration plant installation and commissioning of swimming pool with maximum satisfaction of the money you have spent.

Our Specialties

  • Customization up to customer satisfaction
  • Budget Oriented
  • Imported Machineries
  • Skilled Installers
  • Customer friendly project implementation
  • Minimized duration & Timely Execution
  • Timely Call back & Offer for every inquiries
  • Site visit & Free expert opinions
  • No hidden charges
  • Completion of project as per the schedule
  • Quality Assurance

Each Pool Service Visit Includes

  • Remove all floating debris using the leaf net
  • Pool walls, steps and any love seats (if any) brushed each visit
  • Chemical check each visit and necessary chemical addition
  • Pressure gauge of the filter checked each visit
  • Sand filters backwashed weekly (as a normal practice) OR each visit (ONLY if required)
  • DE filters (if any) backwashed monthly
  • Skimmer baskets (in case of skimmer pool) checked and cleaned each visit
  • Balance tank (in case of overflow/infinity pool) checked and cleaned once in six months
  • Pump baskets checked and cleaned each visit
  • Vacuum entire floor of the swimming pool each visit
  • O-rings lubricated as needed
  • Pre-party cleanups (free of cost) provided within 48 hour notice period
  • Maintain a written record of the service each visit
  • Pump-room cleaning (At least twice in a month)
  • Check visually to ensure that the equipment is operating satisfactorily
  • Complete water analysis to be provided after every 3 months
  • Gates closed and/or locked when service is complete