Frequently asked questions


Below we have listed customer’s frequently asked questions, known as FAQ’s

Email works best – send across your ideas and whatever details you have. Inspiration pictures from the Internet works really well. Tell us what you want to get done, and we’ll come back to you with a ballpark figure
A fully functional pool – structure, plant equipment, led lights, safety drains, Spanish mosaics, excellent workmanship and most importantly – peace of mind. All other bells and whistles like heating/cooling, colored lights, walk-in steps, equipment enclosure, etc. are not included in the base price.
Not everyone considers walk-in steps a ‘requirement’, nor does everyone see the ‘fun’ in colored lights. We leave the non-essentials out of our base price so you can cherry-pick the ones you want. This way we keep the base price as lean as possible, and you get a truly customized pool building experience.
No. We build permanent pools made of concrete, using a technology known as ‘shotcrete’ (literally, shooting concrete). Concrete is many times denser and stronger than fiberglass or vinyl liner, and will most likely outlive the structure of your house
Cheaper isn’t always a good thing. Ever come across a fiberglass house or bridge? Neither have we. Concrete is simply the best viable option for long-term construction. Also, the amount you pay ‘less’ for fiberglass often comes with its hidden limitations such as size, shape, etc.
Rule of thumb: 60 days. However, this usually goes up for larger, more complicated installations, and can be as low as 45 days for smaller, simpler works.
Ordinarily, no. Although possible, this is a complicated process that requires the pool and house be built simultaneously.
Yes. We have an option for colored LED lights that can be operated by remote.
Yes, there are many color options available. All our pools are tiled using Ezarri glass mosaics from Spain. While our pools are quoted for using standard ‘pool’ blue tiles, you have the option for upgrading to any color of your choice, for a minimal additional cost.
There are alternatives available for interior finishes such as exposed aggregate, however these aren’t as popular here as they are in other parts of the world. Speak to us about your ideas and we may work with you for alternative finishes.
Yes. INDIGO is a full fledge pool and landscaping company offering a one-stop solution for most of your backyard requirements
Ideally you want to take both into consideration – however if you were to select one, we’d say the pool comes first. It’s always easier to carry out landscaping works around a pool as opposed doing it the other way round. But if you can plan for your entire backyard, do so. Executing the works in stages is not a problem.
Yes. We can build custom water features, fountains, reflection pools and ponds.
Our pools are equipped with one pump. Pumps these days are designed and manufactured to work continuously 24×7. And because we only run ours for 8 to 10 hours a day, one pump is all you need. Note that your pump comes with a 2-year warranty and will be repaired with 48 hours, or replaced if required.
We do not fill your pool with a tanker. Although this is possible, we highly recommend you use municipal water as it is a lot cleaner and has very little metal content. , filling your pool with municipal water is 'cheaper' than a tanker
The commissioning and handing over process normally takes 3 to 4 working days. During this period, you will notice some squeaks and leaks that we will rectify as part of the commissioning process. Please be patient during this period as it is imperative that we have everything working in perfect condition before handing it over to you.
2 years for the pumps, lights, filters, etc., 3 years for the internal tiling, 10 years for the concrete structure and water leak.
There’s a lot of fine dirt that settles on the surface of the pool tiles, as well as sand from the newly flushed piping systems. Worry not, the filtration system will kick in and pick this up within 24-48 hours and the water will become crystal clear. Please do not use the pool until it has been chemically treated
While you technically ‘could’ use underground bore-well water (provided it is tested at a lab), we highly recommend you do not. Underground water has a high content of impurities that humans cannot see. Successfully maintaining such pools long term is practically impossible.
Yes, we have a full fledge maintenance department that handles over 100 pools in select areas of Dubai and Qatar. Our team of pool cleaners, troubleshooters, site reps, charge hands and engineers are all trained in the field of pool maintenance and regularly attend seminars and trade shows to keep up with the technology related to our industry.
It really depends on size, location, frequency, etc. – but as a rule of thumb, approximately QAR 1000 per month. This applies to both, pools and landscaping, separately.
While you technically ‘could’ use underground bore-well water (provided it is tested at a lab), we highly recommend you do not. Underground water has a high content of impurities that humans cannot see. Successfully maintaining such pools long term is practically impossible.
Sure, you can. We sell all the necessary chemicals and supplies at our store and will be happy to offer you some basic training for free. Just remember, it gets awfully hot in summer.
The water in this region gets lower than 10 degrees (c) at night. While this may not be considered ‘cold’ for some, but it’s not comfortable to swim in. We recommend a reversible heat/chill system that can function as both – a heater and chiller as per your requirements.
While its expensive to purchase a heating & chilling system, it should be considered an investment. Within 3 years (or less, depending on various factors) your investment will pay for itself as this system is very economical to operate compared to a conventional electrical heater.
A salt pool is one that is fitted with a salt chlorinator. Without going too deep into chemistry, salt is added to the pool, this passes an electrode that splits the salt into sodium and chlorine. In short, you’re producing your own chlorine using common table salt. While the salinity at sea is 35ppt, the salt level in a salt pool is maintained at 4ppt – a human tear is saltier than the water from a salt pool.
Salt-water pools start off as any regular pool – we use municipal water to fill your pool and then add industrial grade common table salt to bring up salinity to the required level. Seawater is not used as it is simply too salty and not as 'clean'
If someone in your family has a skin problem like eczema or is allergic to chlorine, an ionization system is perfect for you. This is truly a non-chlorine system and works on silver and copper ions to fight algae and bacteria.
Yes. If you install the optional ionization system, you can use the backwash water to fill your garden tank, which will in turn be used for watering your plants.